ID3D12ObjectVtbl Struct Reference

#include <mini_d3d12.h>

Public Member Functions

 BEGIN_INTERFACE (ID3D12Object *This, REFIID riid, _COM_Outptr_ void **ppvObject)
ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _In_ UINT _In_reads_bytes_opt_ (DataSize) const void *pData)

Public Attributes

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID guid
ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _Inout_ UINTpDataSize
ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _Inout_ UINT _Out_writes_bytes_opt_ pDataSize void * pData
ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _In_ UINT DataSize
ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID const _In_opt_ IUnknownpData
ID3D12Object _In_z_ LPCWSTR Name

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1452 of file mini_d3d12.h.

Member Function Documentation


ID3D12ObjectVtbl::BEGIN_INTERFACE ( ID3D12Object This,
REFIID  riid,
_COM_Outptr_ void **  ppvObject 

◆ _In_reads_bytes_opt_()

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _In_ UINT ID3D12ObjectVtbl::_In_reads_bytes_opt_ ( DataSize  ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ This

ID3D12Object * ID3D12ObjectVtbl::This

Definition at line 1463 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ guid

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID ID3D12ObjectVtbl::guid

Definition at line 1472 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ pDataSize

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _Inout_ UINT* ID3D12ObjectVtbl::pDataSize

Definition at line 1473 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ pData [1/2]

Definition at line 1474 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ DataSize

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID _In_ UINT ID3D12ObjectVtbl::DataSize

Definition at line 1480 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ pData [2/2]

ID3D12Object _In_ REFGUID const _In_opt_ IUnknown* ID3D12ObjectVtbl::pData

Definition at line 1487 of file mini_d3d12.h.

◆ Name

ID3D12Object _In_z_ LPCWSTR ID3D12ObjectVtbl::Name

Definition at line 1492 of file mini_d3d12.h.

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