Pipeline.h File Reference
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "ExternalCode.h"
#include "IROperator.h"
#include "IntrusivePtr.h"
#include "JITModule.h"
#include "Module.h"
#include "ParamMap.h"
#include "Realization.h"
#include "Target.h"
#include "Tuple.h"

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struct  Halide::MachineParams
 A struct representing the machine parameters to generate the auto-scheduled code for. More...
struct  Halide::CustomLoweringPass
 A custom lowering pass. More...
struct  Halide::AutoSchedulerResults
class  Halide::Pipeline
 A class representing a Halide pipeline. More...
struct  Halide::Pipeline::RealizationArg
struct  Halide::ExternSignature
struct  Halide::ExternCFunction
struct  Halide::JITExtern


 This file defines the class FunctionDAG, which is our representation of a Halide pipeline, and contains methods to using Halide's bounds tools to query properties of it.


using Halide::AutoSchedulerFn = std::function< void(const Pipeline &, const Target &, const MachineParams &, AutoSchedulerResults *outputs)>


enum  Halide::StmtOutputFormat { Halide::Text, Halide::HTML }
 Used to determine if the output printed to file should be as a normal string or as an HTML file which can be opened in a browerser and manipulated via JS and CSS. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the front-end class representing an entire Halide imaging pipeline.

Definition in file Pipeline.h.