Halide::ExternSignature Struct Reference

#include <Pipeline.h>

Public Member Functions

 ExternSignature ()=default
 ExternSignature (const Type &ret_type, bool is_void_return, const std::vector< Type > &arg_types)
template<typename RT , typename... Args>
 ExternSignature (RT(*f)(Args... args))
const Typeret_type () const
bool is_void_return () const
const std::vector< Type > & arg_types () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 582 of file Pipeline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExternSignature() [1/3]

Halide::ExternSignature::ExternSignature ( )

◆ ExternSignature() [2/3]

Halide::ExternSignature::ExternSignature ( const Type ret_type,
bool  is_void_return,
const std::vector< Type > &  arg_types 

Definition at line 591 of file Pipeline.h.

References internal_assert, is_void_return(), and ret_type().

◆ ExternSignature() [3/3]

template<typename RT , typename... Args>
Halide::ExternSignature::ExternSignature ( RT(*)(Args... args)  f)

Definition at line 599 of file Pipeline.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ret_type()

const Type& Halide::ExternSignature::ret_type ( ) const

Definition at line 605 of file Pipeline.h.

References internal_assert, and is_void_return().

Referenced by ExternSignature().

◆ is_void_return()

bool Halide::ExternSignature::is_void_return ( ) const

Definition at line 610 of file Pipeline.h.

Referenced by ExternSignature(), and ret_type().

◆ arg_types()

const std::vector<Type>& Halide::ExternSignature::arg_types ( ) const

Definition at line 614 of file Pipeline.h.

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