Profiling.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include "Expr.h"

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 This file defines the class FunctionDAG, which is our representation of a Halide pipeline, and contains methods to using Halide's bounds tools to query properties of it.


Stmt Halide::Internal::inject_profiling (Stmt, const std::string &)
 Take a statement representing a halide pipeline insert high-resolution timing into the generated code (via spawning a thread that acts as a sampling profiler); summaries of execution times and counts will be logged at the end. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the lowering pass that injects print statements when profiling is turned on. The profiler will print out per-pipeline and per-func stats, such as total time spent and heap/stack allocation information. To turn on the profiler, set HL_TARGET/HL_JIT_TARGET flags to 'host-profile'.

Output format: <pipeline_name> <total time spent in this pipeline> <# of samples taken> <# of runs> <avg time/run> <# of heap allocations> <peak heap allocation> <func_name> <total time spent in this func> <percentage of time spent> (<peak heap alloc by this func> <num of allocs> <average alloc size> | <worst-case peak stack alloc by this func>)?

Sample output: memory_profiler_mandelbrot total time: 59.832336 ms samples: 43 runs: 1000 time/run: 0.059832 ms heap allocations: 104000 peak heap usage: 505344 bytes f0: 0.025673ms (42%) mandelbrot: 0.006444ms (10%) peak: 505344 num: 104000 avg: 5376 argmin: 0.027715ms (46%) stack: 20

Definition in file Profiling.h.