halide_hexagon_power_t Struct Reference

More detailed power settings to control Hexagon. More...

#include <HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h>

Public Attributes

bool set_mips
unsigned int mipsPerThread
unsigned int mipsTotal
bool set_bus_bw
unsigned int bwMegabytesPerSec
unsigned short busbwUsagePercentage
bool set_latency
int latency

Detailed Description

More detailed power settings to control Hexagon.

set_mips- Set to TRUE to requst MIPS
mipsPerThread- mips requested per thread, to establish a minimal clock frequency per HW thread
mipsTotal- Total mips requested, to establish total number of MIPS required across all HW threads
set_bus_bw- Set to TRUE to request bus_bw
bwMeagabytesPerSec- Max bus BW requested (megabytes per second)
busbwUsagePercentage- Percentage of time during which bwBytesPerSec BW is required from the bus (0..100)
set_latency- Set to TRUE to set latency
latency- maximum hardware wakeup latency in microseconds. The higher the value the deeper state of sleep that can be entered but the longer it may take to awaken. Only values > 0 are supported (1 microsecond is the smallest valid value)

Definition at line 95 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ set_mips

bool halide_hexagon_power_t::set_mips

Definition at line 96 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ mipsPerThread

unsigned int halide_hexagon_power_t::mipsPerThread

Definition at line 97 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ mipsTotal

unsigned int halide_hexagon_power_t::mipsTotal

Definition at line 98 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ set_bus_bw

bool halide_hexagon_power_t::set_bus_bw

Definition at line 99 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ bwMegabytesPerSec

unsigned int halide_hexagon_power_t::bwMegabytesPerSec

Definition at line 100 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ busbwUsagePercentage

unsigned short halide_hexagon_power_t::busbwUsagePercentage

Definition at line 101 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ set_latency

bool halide_hexagon_power_t::set_latency

Definition at line 102 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

◆ latency

int halide_hexagon_power_t::latency

Definition at line 103 of file HalideRuntimeHexagonHost.h.

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