Halide::JITUserContext Struct Reference

A context to be passed to Pipeline::realize. More...

#include <JITModule.h>

Public Attributes

Internal::JITErrorBuffererror_buffer {nullptr}
JITHandlers handlers

Detailed Description

A context to be passed to Pipeline::realize.

Inherit from this to pass your own custom context object. Modify the handlers field to override runtime functions per-call to realize.

Definition at line 136 of file JITModule.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ error_buffer

Internal::JITErrorBuffer* Halide::JITUserContext::error_buffer {nullptr}

Definition at line 137 of file JITModule.h.

◆ handlers

JITHandlers Halide::JITUserContext::handlers

Definition at line 138 of file JITModule.h.

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