Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr Struct Reference

#include <IRMatch.h>


struct  pattern_tag

Public Member Functions

template<uint32_t bound>
HALIDE_ALWAYS_INLINE bool match (const BaseExprNode &e, MatcherState &state) const noexcept
HALIDE_ALWAYS_INLINE Expr make (MatcherState &state, halide_type_t type_hint) const

Public Attributes

Expr expr

Static Public Attributes

constexpr static uint32_t binds = 0
constexpr static IRNodeType min_node_type = IRNodeType::IntImm
constexpr static IRNodeType max_node_type = IRNodeType::Shuffle
constexpr static bool canonical = true
constexpr static bool foldable = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 197 of file IRMatch.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ match()

template<uint32_t bound>
HALIDE_ALWAYS_INLINE bool Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::match ( const BaseExprNode e,
MatcherState state 
) const

Definition at line 210 of file IRMatch.h.

References Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::equal(), expr, and Halide::Expr::get().

◆ make()

HALIDE_ALWAYS_INLINE Expr Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::make ( MatcherState state,
halide_type_t  type_hint 
) const

Definition at line 215 of file IRMatch.h.

References expr.

Member Data Documentation

◆ binds

constexpr static uint32_t Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::binds = 0

Definition at line 200 of file IRMatch.h.

◆ min_node_type

constexpr static IRNodeType Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::min_node_type = IRNodeType::IntImm

Definition at line 203 of file IRMatch.h.

◆ max_node_type

constexpr static IRNodeType Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::max_node_type = IRNodeType::Shuffle

Definition at line 204 of file IRMatch.h.

◆ canonical

constexpr static bool Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::canonical = true

Definition at line 205 of file IRMatch.h.

◆ expr

Expr Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::expr

◆ foldable

constexpr static bool Halide::Internal::IRMatcher::SpecificExpr::foldable = false

Definition at line 219 of file IRMatch.h.

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