Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage Struct Reference

#include <FunctionDAG.h>

Public Member Functions

bool downstream_of (const Node &n) const
 Stage (Halide::Stage s)

Public Attributes

int index
vector< Looploop
bool loop_nest_all_common_cases = false
int vector_size
PipelineFeatures features
Halide::Stage stage
string name
int id
int max_id
vector< Edge * > incoming_edges
vector< bool > dependencies

Detailed Description

Definition at line 426 of file FunctionDAG.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Stage()

Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::Stage ( Halide::Stage  s)

Definition at line 461 of file FunctionDAG.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ downstream_of()

bool Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::downstream_of ( const Node n) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ node

Node* Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::node

Definition at line 428 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ index

int Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::index

Definition at line 431 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ loop

vector<Loop> Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::loop

Definition at line 434 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ loop_nest_all_common_cases

bool Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::loop_nest_all_common_cases = false

Definition at line 435 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ vector_size

int Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::vector_size

Definition at line 440 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ features

PipelineFeatures Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::features

Definition at line 443 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ stage

Halide::Stage Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::stage

Definition at line 446 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ name

string Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::name

Definition at line 449 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ id

int Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::id

Definition at line 452 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ max_id

int Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::max_id

Definition at line 452 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ incoming_edges

vector<Edge *> Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::incoming_edges

Definition at line 454 of file FunctionDAG.h.

◆ dependencies

vector<bool> Halide::Internal::Autoscheduler::FunctionDAG::Node::Stage::dependencies

Definition at line 456 of file FunctionDAG.h.

Referenced by downstream_of().

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