IRMutator.h File Reference
#include "IRVisitor.h"

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class  Halide::Internal::IRMutator
 A base class for passes over the IR which modify it (e.g. More...
class  Halide::Internal::IRGraphMutator
 A mutator that caches and reapplies previously-done mutations, so that it can handle graphs of IR that have not had CSE done to them. More...


 This file defines the class FunctionDAG, which is our representation of a Halide pipeline, and contains methods to using Halide's bounds tools to query properties of it.


template<typename Mutator , typename... Args>
std::pair< Region, bool > Halide::Internal::mutate_region (Mutator *mutator, const Region &bounds, Args &&... args)
 A helper function for mutator-like things to mutate regions. More...

Detailed Description

Defines a base class for passes over the IR that modify it

Definition in file IRMutator.h.