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 NHalideDefines methods for manipulating and analyzing boolean expressions
 NBoundaryConditionsNamespace to hold functions for imposing boundary conditions on Halide Funcs
 CArgumentA struct representing an argument to a halide-generated function
 CBufferA Halide::Buffer is a named shared reference to a Halide::Runtime::Buffer
 CCompileErrorAn error that occurs while compiling a Halide pipeline that Halide attributes to a user error
 CCompileTimeErrorReporterCompileTimeErrorReporter is used at compile time (not runtime) when an error or warning is generated by Halide
 CCustomLoweringPassA custom lowering pass
 CErrorA base class for Halide errors
 CExprA fragment of Halide syntax
 CExprCompareThis lets you use an Expr as a key in a map of the form map<Expr, Foo, ExprCompare>
 CExternFuncArgumentAn argument to an extern-defined Func
 Cfloat16_tClass that provides a type that implements half precision floating point (IEEE754 2008 binary16) in software
 CFuncA halide function
 CFuncRefA fragment of front-end syntax of the form f(x, y, z), where x, y, z are Vars or Exprs
 CFuncTupleElementRefA fragment of front-end syntax of the form f(x, y, z)[index], where x, y, z are Vars or Exprs
 CGeneratorContextGeneratorContext is a base class that is used when using Generators (or Stubs) directly; it is used to allow the outer context (typically, either a Generator or "top-level" code) to specify certain information to the inner context to ensure that inner and outer Generators are compiled in a compatible way
 CGeneratorParamGeneratorParam is a templated class that can be used to modify the behavior of the Generator at code-generation time
 CImageParamAn Image parameter to a halide pipeline
 CInternalErrorAn error that occurs while compiling a Halide pipeline that Halide attributes to an internal compiler bug, or to an invalid use of Halide's internals
 CLoopLevelA reference to a site in a Halide statement at the top of the body of a particular for loop
 CMachineParamsA struct representing the machine parameters to generate the auto-scheduled code for
 CModuleA halide module
 COutputImageParamA handle on the output buffer of a pipeline
 COutputsA struct specifying a collection of outputs
 CParamA scalar parameter to a halide pipeline
 CPipelineA class representing a Halide pipeline
 CRDomA multi-dimensional domain over which to iterate
 CRealizationA Realization is a vector of references to existing Buffer objects
 CRuntimeErrorAn error that occurs while running a JIT-compiled Halide pipeline
 CRVarA reduction variable represents a single dimension of a reduction domain (RDom)
 CScheduleParamA ScheduleParam is a "Param" that can contain a scalar Expr or a LoopLevel; unlike Param<>, its value cannot be set at runtime
 CStageA single definition of a Func
 CTargetA struct representing a target machine and os to generate code for
 CTupleCreate a small array of Exprs for defining and calling functions with multiple outputs
 CTypeTypes in the halide type system
 CVarA Halide variable, to be used when defining functions
 CVarOrRVarA class that can represent Vars or RVars
 C_qurt_thread_attrThread attributes
 Chalide_buffer_tThe raw representation of an image passed around by generated Halide code
 Chalide_cplusplus_type_nameA set of types to represent a C++ function signature
 Chalide_device_interface_tEach GPU API provides a halide_device_interface_t struct pointing to the code that manages device allocations
 Chalide_filter_argument_tHalide_filter_argument_t is essentially a plain-C-struct equivalent to Halide::Argument; most user code will never need to create one
 Chalide_handle_cplusplus_typeA structure to represent the fully scoped name of a C++ composite type for use in generating function signatures that use that type
 Chalide_handle_traitsA type traits template to provide a halide_handle_cplusplus_type value from a C++ type
 Chalide_handle_traits< const char * >
 Chalide_handle_traits< T & >
 Chalide_handle_traits< T && >
 Chalide_handle_traits< T * >
 Chalide_hexagon_power_tMore detailed power settings to control Hexagon
 Chalide_internal_handle_traits< T, true >
 Chalide_mutexCross-platform mutex
 Chalide_profiler_func_statsThe functions below here are relevant for pipelines compiled with the -profile target flag, which runs a sampling profiler thread alongside the pipeline
 Chalide_profiler_pipeline_statsPer-pipeline state tracked by the sampling profiler
 Chalide_profiler_stateThe global state of the profiler
 Chalide_scalar_value_tHalide_scalar_value_t is a simple union able to represent all the well-known scalar values in a filter argument
 Chalide_trace_packet_tThe header of a packet in a binary trace
 Chalide_type_tA runtime tag for a type in the halide type system
 Cqurt_cond_tQuRT condition variable type
 Cqurt_mutex_aligned8QuRT mutex type