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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNHalideDefines methods for manipulating and analyzing boolean expressions
|oNBoundaryConditionsNamespace to hold functions for imposing boundary conditions on Halide Funcs
|oNIntegerDivideTableBuilt-in images used for fast_integer_divide below
|oCArgumentA struct representing an argument to a halide-generated function
|oCBufferA Halide::Buffer is a named shared reference to a Halide::Runtime::Buffer
|oCErrorA base class for Halide errors
|oCRuntimeErrorAn error that occurs while running a JIT-compiled Halide pipeline
|oCCompileErrorAn error that occurs while compiling a Halide pipeline that Halide attributes to a user error
|oCInternalErrorAn error that occurs while compiling a Halide pipeline that Halide attributes to an internal compiler bug, or to an invalid use of Halide's internals
|oCCompileTimeErrorReporterCompileTimeErrorReporter is used at compile time (not runtime) when an error or warning is generated by Halide
|oCExprA fragment of Halide syntax
|oCExprCompareThis lets you use an Expr as a key in a map of the form map<Expr, Foo, ExprCompare>
|oCfloat16_tClass that provides a type that implements half precision floating point (IEEE754 2008 binary16) in software
|oCVarOrRVarA class that can represent Vars or RVars
|oCStageA single definition of a Func
|oCFuncRefA fragment of front-end syntax of the form f(x, y, z), where x, y, z are Vars or Exprs
|oCFuncTupleElementRefA fragment of front-end syntax of the form f(x, y, z)[index], where x, y, z are Vars or Exprs
|oCFuncA halide function
|oCExternFuncArgumentAn argument to an extern-defined Func
|oCGeneratorParamGeneratorParam is a templated class that can be used to modify the behavior of the Generator at code-generation time
|oCGeneratorContextGeneratorContext is an abstract interface that is used when constructing a Generator Stub; it is used to allow the outer context (typically, either a Generator or "top-level" code) to specify certain information to the inner context to ensure that inner and outer Generators are compiled in a compatible way; at present, this is used to propagate the outer Target to the inner Generator
|oCJITGeneratorContextJITGeneratorContext is a utility implementation of GeneratorContext that is intended for use when using Generator Stubs with the JIT; it simply allows you to wrap a specific Target in a GeneratorContext for use with a stub, often in conjunction with the Halide::get_target_from_environment() call:
|oCImageParamAn Image parameter to a halide pipeline
|oCModuleA halide module
|oCOutputImageParamA handle on the output buffer of a pipeline
|oCOutputsA struct specifying a collection of outputs
|oCParamA scalar parameter to a halide pipeline
|oCCustomLoweringPassA custom lowering pass
|oCPipelineA class representing a Halide pipeline
|oCRVarA reduction variable represents a single dimension of a reduction domain (RDom)
|oCRDomA multi-dimensional domain over which to iterate
|oCScheduleParamA ScheduleParam is a "Param" that can contain a scalar Expr or a LoopLevel; unlike Param<>, its value cannot be set at runtime
|oCLoopLevelA reference to a site in a Halide statement at the top of the body of a particular for loop
|oCTargetA struct representing a target machine and os to generate code for
|oCTupleCreate a small array of Exprs for defining and calling functions with multiple outputs
|oCRealizationA Realization is a vector of references to existing Buffer objects
|oCTypeTypes in the halide type system
|\CVarA Halide variable, to be used when defining functions
oChalide_buffer_tThe raw representation of an image passed around by generated Halide code
oChalide_cplusplus_type_nameA set of types to represent a C++ function signature
oChalide_filter_argument_tHalide_filter_argument_t is essentially a plain-C-struct equivalent to Halide::Argument; most user code will never need to create one
oChalide_handle_cplusplus_typeA structure to represent the fully scoped name of a C++ composite type for use in generating function signatures that use that type
oChalide_handle_traitsA type traits template to provide a halide_handle_cplusplus_type value from a C++ type
oChalide_handle_traits< const char * >
oChalide_handle_traits< T & >
oChalide_handle_traits< T && >
oChalide_handle_traits< T * >
oChalide_hexagon_power_tMore detailed power settings to control Hexagon
oChalide_internal_handle_traits< T, true >
oChalide_mutexCross-platform mutex
oChalide_profiler_func_statsThe functions below here are relevant for pipelines compiled with the -profile target flag, which runs a sampling profiler thread alongside the pipeline
oChalide_profiler_pipeline_statsPer-pipeline state tracked by the sampling profiler
oChalide_profiler_stateThe global state of the profiler
oChalide_scalar_value_tHalide_scalar_value_t is a simple union able to represent all the well-known scalar values in a filter argument
oChalide_trace_packet_tThe header of a packet in a binary trace
oChalide_type_tA runtime tag for a type in the halide type system