Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask Struct Reference

Codegen a call to do_parallel_tasks. More...

#include <CodeGen_LLVM.h>


struct  SemAcquire

Public Attributes

Stmt body
std::vector< SemAcquiresemaphores
std::string loop_var
Expr min
Expr extent
Expr serial
std::string name

Detailed Description

Codegen a call to do_parallel_tasks.

Definition at line 304 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ body

Stmt Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::body

Definition at line 305 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ semaphores

std::vector<SemAcquire> Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::semaphores

Definition at line 310 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ loop_var

std::string Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::loop_var

Definition at line 311 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ min

Expr Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::min

Definition at line 312 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ extent

Expr Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::extent

Definition at line 312 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ serial

Expr Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::serial

Definition at line 313 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

◆ name

std::string Halide::Internal::CodeGen_LLVM::ParallelTask::name

Definition at line 314 of file CodeGen_LLVM.h.

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